someone's notebook


Happiness and Content


I learned "Get wild and tough" from …
The city, people, relationships were sometimes hard for us, maybe.
I was wrong and just wishful thinking...

Laugh at me, please?

I like playing games, jokes, and lie without meaning.
I love girls because I'm straight.
But my hope is too acquisitiveness, I think.
I wish never lose everything.

My prescription is to work hard, I think.
Dr.Tanaka, he is an unlicensed doctor like BJ, said "You need the consideration before going your way".
I think so, but I'm a little boy...

Who? He is a teacher for life.
Of course, everyone will go their ways.
My hope is maybe "Excuse me, please", not "Attention please".

Because you are lonely? I don't know.
I think that someone feel lonely, heavy, and weak.
Therefore, we need someone's help.

Me? I need lovers than friends.
I'm normal, but my approaches are not smart...
I decided to study hard from society around the world.

Get chance and luck!

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