someone's notebook


Sons or Daughters

I have a distress.
"How did this happen?"

I don't know why people tell a lie for themselves.

Albert Einstein said "People can be only pure when we born or die".

I don't know about Judaism well, sorry.
But I think it was maybe true...

My hope is efficiency maximization.
Because I will be break down, unfortunately.
So in the computer world, the years are faster than dogs, I think.

I have a daughter.
And I have a son who called by people "YXSX".
Of course, I'm a boy, father, man, baby, and son.

At divorce suit, I'm a loser because I'm a …
I need much money for wife, daughter, brother, mother and father.
Because good schooling and keeping health need money in Japan.


"Best interest of the child" the words is difficult to understand for me, but I think everyone will feel happy, in the future...

I can work because they have a lucky strike...

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