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Rain man and Kramer

A time ago, I was a Creme.
Because I felt strange that it seems to be crazy.
But I think it is normal because there was the trick.

Most of people or majority said "It was normal for us".
I think that everything has a reason.
For example, name card or to introduce myself.

What's your name? My name is someone else.
How do you do? Nice to meet you.
Let us work with….? You are welcome.

Hierarchical society, relationships, and common practices are no good for me.
Some people said "That is how it is".
I am very well aware of the fact.

The company, I knew only one, they never told me "Your company is maybe small".
Of course, my company was small because it was born in recent years.
Officialism, authoritarianism, and nihilistic things are too bad, I think and feel.

Because there is a make too sharp a distinction between A and B.
Why? Of course we have to select the way and people for our works.
I propose that we don't need suspicions…

In Japan, anywhere, it seems to be appearance in front of me.
Maybe stream of the times, I think…
I thought it might be someone's liability things.
But I have took a little mistakes.

History and morals are well important for us.
The laws, codes, and implicit knowledges are sub-equal for me.

You know my name? Maybe you will forget.
I'll remember that it was without sincerity because we were sometimes careless when especially we were very busy.
I know that "it doesn't sound like you because you are smart, you know?".

They and you have a might.
I have a little will.
It is simple because we are not "Partners".

Apologies are that I'm young, empty head, still babe, lack of experience, and stupid.
Ask myself, I noticed that we are not partners, I think and feel.


Because I'm an actor like Dustin Lee Hoffman, I was a rain man or kramer vs kramer
He might be crazy or unique, not hero.

We have a dice in our mind, I think, vaguely feel.

Because my hands are like Scissorhands.., maybe.

Thank you.

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