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Punks and One's Value

I like a music, especially "Punk Rock".
Why? I don't know without knowing why, I like "The High-Lows".
Because the musics cause to feel better for us.
Musics are like variety restaurants, specialty‐restaurant arcade, and I'm hungry or dry.

The accidents caused by unlucky.
We sometimes fail except gods.

In Japan, most of people work hard to perfect.
In America, most of people work normal to satisfactory.
In Europe, there are various people in diverse ways.

In Hakata, I will work soft to softly.
Because I'm a human like "Vergo".

At home, work hard.
A.M. work with concentrated power.
P.M. teach something else to brothers and sisters.
At night, we must go back to our house.

A hacker said "Don't be a cyber punk".
A hacker said "Don't go south on you".
A hacker said "Don't copy it for yourself".

I need good things.
"Good" mean aroma, will, warm-heartedness, reason, constancy, gameness, glory, honor, face, humility, health, resolute optimism, I think.
"No Good" are stupidity, unscrupulous, miserable and hungry things, I think.

Me? I have a readiness for exposure because I'm hungry, you maybe know.
They said "Greediness is the mother of all evil".
But I think it is just right, fit, and now.

We need balances for everything, anyway.
Where is the center? I never find it because I have an unbalance thing...

"How did this happen?" There is the answer.
Mr.Kurokawa told us that Japanese government official didn't have a little phronesis.
Really? The accidents are the first for us.
Do you remember the first kiss smells?

Close out yourself.

I think it seems to be like a punk when I ride on bicycle.
The reason of failure?
Might is right.

Overinflation? You are careless? Run with lower one's eyes?
Everyone have a special one because they are special and have their values.

My values? Please ask anyone, anyway...


Because I don't listen to the "Rolling Stones"...


I will find the expert.

Because no one is the expert of the Earth Quake, I think and feel.

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