someone's notebook


Tommorrow never knows 知らんがな。

I went to a temple.
There is a poster.
"The first, please come in good season."

The pupil said that "Please be cool down, see you next week..."
With playing hands.

I went the third in this week.
Of course, I never learn about Zen, Buddhism, and protocols.
This is called "Be turned away at the gate", maybe.

門前払い Sweep anything else in front of the door.

He told us that "You have to come until half an hour ago."
But the paper seems to teach it...

Tommorrow? I never know.

Second, I was at business table yesterday.
He said "Tommorrow or next week, we tell you a consideration".
But my telephone call me at yesterday night.

I noticed this morning because I got off the micro computer "iPhone".
The reason? "No problem."
If you must ask "We don't work at night."

Just imagine, I'm an oversleeper but I don't miss the target.
Because last night, my building's alert had a system trouble, so I wake up all through at night.
He said "You will pass up the business chance. Be careful to the our's connection."

Actually, they said "Tommorrow".
But the call is yesterday.
Why? He left one's seat for a second, maybe.

We need Popeye.


Across the table, company, area, friend, and anatomy.


Because I have not had a "Hansom" suites.

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