someone's notebook


White eye's Bon

I decide to learn Zen.
Because when I was a student, I practiced for sports and health.
Now, I need a mental toughness.

Zen is the answer?
Maybe it is not a solution for everyone.
But it is maybe interest for me...

Gyani Bon was great? I don't know because I'm not a geek.
I will be stone like Kushida shrine's rock.
Rock'n Roll Musics? It is very hard for us.

Where is Darma temple? I'm still playing the real dragon quest...
Because I'd like to find job and get a better skill.
I become a member of any guilds.

In Japan, most of people join to health coverage.
Me? I don't want to be a dog like pets.
My hope is free because I was areturned student.

Of course, you know.

It will be happy.

Bon come back to home? There is no future because I live just now.

White eye's be nature.

Because I'm still piyo x2.

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