someone's notebook


Products and Wares

Where is it?
I never found.
Golden carpet is expensive or priceless for us.
But I need a magic carpet.

Of course, we have a complex.
Academic background, experience, YRS, sex, and attributes.
But I think that there are no prices.
Because the happiness for everyone is vary among individuals.

When I feel happy?
I don't know because my happiness is other's happiness.
So if you read my blog or sentences with enjoying or laughing, I'll be happy.

My hope is to understand my feelings.
It is a special one because I'm very willfulness.
Like Ittersu Star? My father like a baseball game and giants.

My jobs are the operation, practices, and to make a ware.
Soft? Hard? Liquids? Solids?
The products mean chemical agent, I think and feel.

But the fireworks are much beautiful for us.
So I like flowers, arts, and musics.
It's so logical because Leonardo da Vinci was greatest for me.

I like a software than a hardware.
Because software is wet as same as water and star ocean

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