someone's notebook


Where is Atlantis?

I found the land.
It is maybe legend area.
My dream is to be success.

I always fail.
I'm sad and tired.
But I can't cry...

I am a lucky.
Because much money come to me.
But I'm lonely,,, a little.

I'm very happy!
Girls are pretty, their smile are for me!
I drink a drink with friendly people!

All men follow their dreams.
Her dream seems to be normal.
Life is charming? I think the real things are cold and hot.

So we have to do anything, anytime, anyway.
I will go alone but my friends will say
"You are all right because you are strong, smart, cool, and a little crazy."

My feelings are not as same as others.
Is it unique? I think that we are normal and crazy.
I will never tell a lie for me.

Because I love you forever.

Galileo Galilei, he was greater than us, he had a strange watch.


In Hakata, people seems to be crazy because they looks H except ladies at "Mountain Umbrella".


The hip? It is bitter for me, also.
I drink a drink by myself.
Because we are really relax at home.

But I like Masaharu Fukuyama, he is an actor that Ryoma Sakamoto, and the professor who has the knowledge as same as Gallireo.

The strange things have the reason.
I propose you that the words "How did this happen?"
It is very simple.

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