someone's notebook


Bitter Sweet Symphony

Coffee, beer, cigarette, and man are bitter when they are straight.
Tea, cocktail, cigar, and woman are sweet when they are dressing.

I thought only girls are pure.
But I took a little mistake.
The child is father to the man.

In Japan, a time ago, people will make own personality by the age of three.
My character? It is difficult to answer.
I never know my personality because I am not others.

I have heard that

"You are idle talker"
"You seems to be cool or smart"
"You are really unique"
"You are fat and dirt and social withdrawal"
"You are welcome"

Of course, I am a little geek and boy.
My favorite things are thinking about human, computers, sports, arts, and us.
Is it love? I don't know forever, but I have a mind.

Feel so good.
Life is "Bitter Sweet Symphony"
Our memories will be beautiful or elegant like stars in the sky.

Our story begin to the end.

Because we are living.

This blog is a fruity hop aroma & bitter flavour notes.


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