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Cool Biz

Today, I break through a red traffic light.
Because I ride on time, maybe.
By Bicycle, it is like yellow card to use telephone.
The police say "Don't be those who defy the law."

I think that he have to say,

"There is no car."
"But we must have a lot of sense."
"So you never use mobile phones with driving."
"Hey! Please listen to me... Sir. ???"

He took a little mistake because he also ride on bike.
His job? Of course I know.

Please be careful, Mr.

Don't walk, run, and drive with downcast eyes.

Be like "DJ Police".

He has a special one, it is a humor.

My job? I don't know.

Because I work like a dog, programmer, hacker, gentleman, Samurai and father.

Kendo was greatest for us.

Because the split of sense is the reason.

Mother, what is your job?
Lady, girl, woman, and so on.
I'm sorry because I'm not like gentleman in Japan.

I learned appearance and manner from everybody because Mr.Aoki and Takahashi were business men.

If you need baby, you will marry someone.
If you need money for sons and daughters, you have to work hard.
If you need the idolatry, you will go their concert, church, and temple.
If you love me, my hope is to read my heart from words and sentences.

That's all.

It's so beautiful, right, simple, normal, and "Cool".

Because the summer will come again...

Thank you for reading, someone in the sea like nets.


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