someone's notebook


Hard Yes

Hello, my name is Yasuyuki Harada.
It is difficult to say except for Japanese.
Please call me "Mr.Hard".

So I'm softly, but sometimes be hard.
In the time, we concentrate something else.
Please excuse or focus me? You may say "No".

But I will say "Yes" or "Of course".
Why? The reason is still mystery for us.
I think and feel somehow.

I have a question. "How did this happen?"
Because I have a burning curiosity with kindness.

Some people say.

"What's happen?"
"It is difficult to understand, we never give up."
"You are foolish because he is lacking in experience or skills."

Ha, it is a piece of cakes for us.
Because I have a lot of hacking split.

Of course, I'm white but my skin is yellow or black at night.

"Say Yes."
It is very hard thing for everyone, we already know.

If you don't marry, I recommend to watch "101 times proposals".

I'd like to do something to shoot troubles like football.

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