someone's notebook


Dependence on the earth

I stopped to smoke.
Because I would like to live a healthy.
Of course, articles of taste are delicious for us.

Computer game, alcohol, drag, and human.
People depend on the others because everyone works for living.
It is like "Beatles" biological activity.

In Japan, Dr.Tedsuka wrote a lot of comics.
His company's name means an insect production.

By the way, the greater part of our job is debug.

Bug? Worm? Caterpillar? Moth? Cricket?

"Vermin, I love you."

Because we could kill them... sorry.

Bun Bun Bun, it is a hornet? or a honey bee?
Authority may take a mistake.

I don't have a bow and arrow.

I have not used "Poisoned Arrow" but also "Dart".

Of course I don't play and pray...


The nets have a gap, of course me too.

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