someone's notebook


Bad message ? What's happen ?

Premonition go off to between peoples.
They like gossips.
Some of them, there is sickness.

Day-dreamer, Pseudo logia fantastic a, Worrier and Warriors, and so on..

It is not events that disturb the minds of men, but the view they take of them.

(Thank your kindness, zarigani22 様。)

We see a snapshot of the world.
Real things is difficult to understand for us.
But I think, feel, sing, write, and read words through searching, asking, talking, moving, and roughing with people.

There are bad and good messages.
We can close our eyes, stop one's ear.
But a flavor seems to tell us, maybe.


I think that all people were normal and strange.
We must work with helping because all animals and life-forms respect others.
If no people help you?

I will go alone.

Because I'm still 14 in my mind...

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