someone's notebook


Signals and Ideas

Red means danger.
Yellow means caution.
Green or Blue means safety, maybe.

Ring Ring Ring, it sounds "Bell".
Every phones have own sounds.
Mine? Yours? Somebody else.

Bell Laboratories, was greatest of computer's history.
Because Allan Key was great because he made "Smalltalk" and so on.

Please be slowly, softly, and back to the real world.

All objects have a sign.
Did you play or watch baseball games?
The managers or catchers or coaches use their sign.

We have to communicate with bodies and words.

I said "I will drink coffee", it was only my signal.

"No" "Yes" "I can't decide" ???

You take a mistake, of course, me too.

My TABACO and skin are yellow because I'm a Japanese or smoker.
My blood is red but we don't worry.
The sky and ocean are sometimes blue.

Of course, the earth have green, blue, weathers, and society.

The ring was made by people who live mountain or forests.
Because animals afraid strange sounds.

By the way, I am one of animals.

When I ride on bicycle, I ring a bell well, softly.

It is like the bell except night, so it is very friendly, kind, and reality because the sounds tell us "It seems to be crazy or strange or unique or dog-in-the-manger.".

Not "Be careful", but also "Never mind".

(A secret service...)

Where is jade plant? Of course, you know.

Please be happy when we will meet again because everyone have weak points.

It will be, will be… No war, no "Signal".

There is "Four-dimensional pocket", in my mind.

Because we have a idea.
All people use a proxy for defense by own mind.
But we use knowledge for only happy hacking.

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