someone's notebook


The Cat's

I like dogs than cats.

They like human.

She said "I don't watch TV".

He said "I see".

Of course, they are ladies and gentlemen.

I use a metaphor to them.

Miss Nishimura, my little lover or short hope, it is a pretty girl.

She is like "Cat's Daughter".

"Gegege Kitaro" is TV show, comics is "Cemetery Kitaro".

Hey! Boy!

The eye father scold you.

In Japan, a time ago, people were friendly because they don't have much money.

The houses were near neighbor, we must speak softly or apologize when troubles shot.

What's happen?
It is maybe usually a quarrel between husband and wife.
Nothing out of the ordinary.

They are very ... Ha-a.

Marriage will become families.

Mothers and fathers adverse us?

Ha, it is like "Romeo and Juliet"

But now, here, Japan? You already know.

I will be free, it is only truth, maybe.



You are adult. Have guts. Not daring. だっちゃ。

The eyes will see.

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