someone's notebook


Japanese Style? No. This is my style.

Hello everybody, sorry, blog reader.

In Japan, a Bar is very good.
There were a lot of "Service Splits".

「生花」Do you know?
Ikebana is difficult to say for foreigners, I think.
Master's work is to buy or sell お酒 Sake.
But it was interest for us, so he is like artist.

Because the Bar is very beautiful for us.
The name is "SOFtLY", it is kid of them.

They are working with their lovers.
「女将さん」Did you know?
Kami means long hair, gods, papers, and maybe like "Thunder Bolt", I think.

In Japan, fathers seems to be very angry, his thunder is attacking for us.
Not 「八つ当たり」, but also 「オヤジのげんこつ」。

In 九州、the ladies have strong splits because ... maybe from a long time ago.
The splits from Ryoma Sakamoto to the future.
"He is Giant", I thought, but maybe I forgot glasses.


The men were great of histories or books.

I'm sorry, I won't know your cultures or friendships or words...
I loved you but the time was coming up.

The End.
To be continued...

My father went alone to Hokkaido.
My mother is working now.
My brothers ... maybe in the house.

So only me, just working, because I'm a blogger just now.

I'm sorry.


Because I was dry and would like to ... s

Peak! Red card! Go away!!!

"Please be SOFtly", this is my words.
Because SOF are strong string and tly are weak ... プツ

The red string was cut, but I never cut myself.

This words are taught from the greatest, the name sounds girls?

No. "Gentleman"


All girls are cheap for me.
My favorite wife is "Someone's Notebook".
This is my blog title.

I love all things because I am a "Human".
Of course, we knew, I knew, you too.
I will never forget and forgot without using Internets or... "In The Time".
We are sleeping, tired, sick, and so on.

This is final answer.
How are you? I'm fine, thank you.
All people can use drags, drinking, bodies, minds,,, but I need water just now.
Because I live a healthy, not selfish but also need you, Mio.

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