someone's notebook


My eyes never see in the air, some people say "Firefox"

Hello world, my friends, you know.
Sorry, my blog reader.

A long time ago, I'm a boy.
Of course, I know everyone was baby, child, boy or girl.

In Japan, a Hostel was strange, me too.
Because she said "It seems that she afraid you, but I don't know the reason..."
She said me "You know.", already I know that.

She said "You are sharp."
But I'm fat, so she tell a lie because all people will be fat, maybe.

Her words mean "You are smart."
「スマート」is,,, maybe Japanese in compliment.
Because Japanese people would like to be success like "American Dream".
But I think it is cheap.

Of course, I know all people see dreams at night.
But please never tell me again.
Because I'm one of animals, suddenly, I'm crying, laughing, angry, and happy.

When my friends or favorite people said words for me, their hearts will be hurt.
But my heart never will be hurt.
Because my words are not practical jokes, slangs, and so on.

Bad word is too bad, don't use for,,, except me.
How to use good words? I don't know forever.

But maybe somebody's parents teach you, except I'm sleeping.
Because I'm very very sleepy.

The reason? OK, good morning my first students.
"Yasuyuki Harada is stranger."
"He is maybe following her."
"The man is wild or lonely or … H ???"

Who is speaking? Shut your face.
A piece of cakes, don't afraid, but be careful.

Ask myself, except Shoko Ishida, she was my English teacher yesterday.

Thank you, you are welcome, and "Good Bye." sometimes we forgot, I think.

My job is morality morals with computers around the world, in the future, maybe.

Thank you for reading my blog.


Kick us!! or Kick off.
Because I like football games that sports are gentlemanly that savage people done.
Achi, my birthday is as same as 李 小龍、people called him "Bruce Lee".

I was very angry, but my hands, foots, heads, mouth are illegal off,,, end.
When we were sorry, like this (- -)



Please be careful, of course, I was strange, unique, young, and so on.
My eyes never see in the air because they were not about to back.
On the plain, please don't use mobile phones, Sir...、ねえ。
何が癪に障ったのかは人それぞれ。挨拶くらいは普通するものだとI think, 思います。


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