someone's notebook


Kiitos. 一期一会。2人の出会いに乾杯!

My little lover, her name is Miila.

You are beautiful, it is true, and pure, no.
Of course, I know you are charming.

Because you love something else.

You looks nature.

Long hair, brown?
In the future, I never see you, maybe.

You walk faster than me, like my mother.
Ha-, ra-da? So, this is my family name.
Because I'm a man of mirrors.

In Japan, only women can change names themselves.
But girls won't marry me, maybe.
Because she loves someone or him.
I believe you like boys and girls.
I'm very very, and good, no, nice guy? I don't know, me too.
I'm her father, it is special one, you don' t know.

Miila, I have a question, but already I have the answer.
My daughter's name? No.
Will you marry me? No.
Your job? Programmer or hacker or ha-a, husband.

I forgot your last name, I'm sorry.
Miila Harada, in the future, you will be my wife.
My daughter's name is Mio.
I decided her name, because it is easy to call her.
Si, it is secret, ours.

Because ... Oh! Sometimes coming up!


Your name is Miina Kumplainen(ミーナ、コンプ来年)。





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