someone's notebook


Good Night.


Y Combinator


Nice to meet you. How are you?
I'm fine, thank you.

In japan, at Hakata, 9:14 AM, just now.

Excuse me, Mr…., no, Mrs,,, no. Miz Graham.

My name is Yasuyuki Harada.

I would like to meet you.

Because I have a question.

I read FAQ, but I didn't find the answer.

How old is your wife?

Because all ladies never say own age.

I have one of them.

My daughter, her name is Mio.

It means "Central Hope".

Your,,, oh, time is coming up.

Time over.


Ha-a, Paul is still play computers with the world.

How old is him?

I'm still 27.

Maybe, he was still child, for me.

Thank you for your..

Thank you for reading this long email!!

Please wait me, in U.S.A.

From your father, Mr.Graham.

I'm very, very, very sexy guy.

Don't fall in love, myself.

Thank you for your listening to the radio.

Yasuyuki Harada

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